Friday, March 6, 2009


He woke up at 6:30am on his birthday announcing, "It's time for my birthday party at Disneyland now!"

Then he crawled into bed with us and asked, "Am I four now?"


"Let's go to Disneyland for my birthday party and get a Star Wars Shuttle. Am I a big boy now? I am four?... I love being four and I going to High School now!"

"Okay, let's wait on High School for a little bit..."
And with that we were up and off to Disneyland.

It poured almost the entire time.

Until we were about to leave that is...

But he still had a great time.

A couple of friends joined us too.

Yeah okay, Woody and his girl.

And these two as well...

We had breakfast and lunch there, rode a few rides, jumped in a few puddles, ate over-priced birthday cake and finished the day with a bucket of popcorn.
I think he was quite satisfied with his day.

Thanks Disneyland!!

And thanks everyone for the well wishes!
Now go wish Brittany a happy birthday and tell her I sent you!


Cara said...

Happy Birthday Harrison!
I love your haircut! You look so handsome and grown up.

Blueberry said...

happy happy birthday harrison!!!

Elaine A. said...

Happy Birthday to your "big boy!"

I love his comment about high school - ha ha! : )

chaoticfamily said...

Happy Birthday to your boy! He's so handsome. Glad he had a great day despite the rain.

Christina said...

It doesn't look like he let the weather dampen his spirits at all! (and who knew - is DOES rain in CA!). Happy birthday, handsome man.

LOVE the closeup of him in the collage. GREAT shot!

carrie said...

perfect. exactly how i want to spend my birthday, too! (and emma is already hinting at wanting a disney birthday!) we are so very spoiled aren't we?