Thursday, February 19, 2009


This would make a great Wordless Wednesday post - only it's almost (literally) Friday.

I promise, I'll get back on track soon!

In the mean time, here's a peek at our new "sitting digs". (and the old one)

Oh, and have I mentioned lately he's almost four? If you were here in person, he would tell you, himself.



{breathe, mama, breathe}


Stacy said...

Too adorable! Yeah, my girl can't wait until she is four, too. How did this happen?? They were just born, right?

Elaine A. said...

What a gorgeous room! Love all the natural light. And that little heading peeking up over the couch... : )

Blueberry said...

FOUR! my goodness!
of course bean is less than 5 months away from being 4 as well.... and sprout will be 1 in just over a month. eeek!