Monday, February 2, 2009

First Date!

That's right. Harrison went on his first date - with our friend, Stephanie.

They saw Bolt at the $3 dollar theater and loved it; as Harrison came home and announced that he is changing Duke's name to Bolt so he can become a super-dog. After a quick check-in they put down the top to the convertible and went to the park.

Heck, the G.I.D. and I don't even have dates this good!

As for Duke? Harrison is still set on calling him Bolt. During dinner he went as far as telling Duke that he would give him a big, brown bone if Duke agreed to the name change.

What do you think?


Maybe we can just call him - Duke-the-Superdog.


Christina said...

So duke is a superdog now, huh?! As for Harrison - look at him, 3 years old and already getting the ladies!

Yara said...

how fun! I need to see this movie.
So, does your dog do any supertricks now?

Mike said...

Love the movie, too.

carrie said...

that is awesome! Em wants a puppy so she can name him Bolt too!

Brittany said...

yea Duke!! I could see him as a superdog!! :)