Monday, January 5, 2009

What We Did During Our Time Off...

Harrison and I returned to school and work today - an hour late. We over-slept our first day back from vacation.


But he went skipping into his school saying hello to every employee he saw - by name no less and as we headed upstairs to join the rest of his class in their movement time, Harrison excitedly announced, "Mommy, my friends missed me!"

I think he missed his friends.

What did we do with our time off?

Harrison made this really cool coffee mug that he received as a gift from his good friend and I actually baked some family recipe cookies that my sister-in-law emailed over! They were dee-lish!! Thanks again!!

Now since I've started working on some other projects, Harrison is nipping at the bit to get started on his Robot Softie.

It won't be long before the big {robot} reveal!


Christina said...

sounds like good times to me - both the time off, and returning to the normal schedule! I'm ready for that

Yara said...

well this post made me crave coffee. I think starbucks will be a must today. A fussy baby= mama needs starbucks, right?
I miss you guys : )

Stacy said...

I had a super tough time getting up on Monday, too. Well, at least you got up! Our kids missed their little friends, too. They love being able to play with others at their level. :)

natalie said...

We overslept this morning...for church, of all things. Had to go without a shower so I could make it in time to teach my little Sunday school class. Luckily, had a shower last night just prior to bed, so I wasn't too dirty!!!

Your cookies look mighty delish!!!

I tagged you for a meme...participate if you can!

carrie said...

yum! are those mexican wedding cakes? russian tea cakes? whatever they are called - i LOVE them!