Thursday, January 1, 2009

Toasting in the New Year

He may not fully grasp the concept of the new year starting, but he toasted with us anyway. We pulled out a small cordial glass and put orange juice in it.

Now before you go judging me for being a bad mommy and keeping him up until almost 1pm, let me tell you the rest of the story.

Harrison went to bed at 8:30 pm, a bit wound up, but he settled in. Then during the nine o'clock hour there was a loud bang outside which woke him up. After that, he had to go to the bathroom; then he stayed awake lying in his bed - he said "hello" to the G.I.D. as he came out of Big Brother's room and continued calling out comments late into the night.

Finally at 11:45, after hearing bumps on and off and then silence, I went upstairs. His door was closed (it stays open for heat to get in) and the light was on. I opened the door to find him sitting quietly, playing with cars.

So I took my wide-awake child's hand and led him downstairs to watch the ball drop and yell Happy New Year! with us.

Exactly eight hours later he was awake again and ready to go...
give me strength. 

Happy New Year!!


Brittany said...

We actually let Adam stay up... He was more awake than we were, come midnight. No big surprise, really... haha. He has however been asleep for the last three hours, after asking for a nap! haha.

Happy New Year!

Christina said...

I say good for you for having him up! N actually crashed early. Her sleep has been all out of whack lately. I LOVE the storyboard!

Cara said...

Love the cordial glasses, my nephew always use my MIL when we are at her house for dinner. They love drinking their soda out of them.
Harrison did better than me, I didn't even make it to 11:00 pm.