Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Loot

Christmas is a sweet reminder of how wonderfully innocent our young children really are.

After a VERY late Christmas Eve with Harrison's God-parents, we didn't wake up and get down stairs until almost 10:30 am.

Even then Harrison didn't rush toward the tree to dive in to the gifts.

Finally Daddy got him started on the how-to of gift opening - this year he opened them completely by himself - very cool!

With the first gift, he proclaimed over and over, "Santa brought me a new race car set, Santa brought me a new race car set!"

Pictures on the boxes showed him what was inside...

which seemed gratifying enough as he explained the Spiderman on the box to Big Brother.

Then he unwrapped a box without pictures on it...


He let out a burst of excitement as the last piece of wrapping hit the floor, "Yeah! A box!" He studied it for a moment as the G.I. D. looked up and commented, "Macy's".

The G.I.D. asked Harrison what he got and he responded, "A Macy box!" and held it high for a picture.

Convinced that was all to it, he put the unopened box down and asked, "Can I open another present?" We told him to open the box and look inside.

For Harrison, this was a whole new level to the gift opening protocol - unmarked boxes are to be opened immediately for additional gift-goodness.

Oh, remember the trips to see Santa and telling him what he wanted for Christmas?

There's that guitar!

[Disclaimer - Staying up until 2am does not make for good picture taking abilities.]
 Have a great weekend!

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Christina said...

OMG, the Macy's box - that is so priceles!! Your Christmas Day sounds much like ours. I love how innocent they are!!