Friday, November 21, 2008

and then there are those days...

Daddy took him to bed, we often take turns with story reading and tucking in, but he came down to get a drink for Harrison. So I took the water up to him.

After a drink, he hugged me, I hugged him tighter and told him, "I love you so, so much." with tears welling up in my eyes. (yeah, I was having a mommy-moment)

Harrison says as he holds me in the hug, "I love YOU so, so much. I love you when you're sad, I love you when you're angry, I love you when you're happy, I love you when you're glad."

Daddy taught him that.

Then he said, "I love you way, way far away into outer space and Ster Trek."

Can't beat that.

Getting ready for his Thanksgiving Program at School. 
The camera and I were in an argument..
I didn't win. This was the best of the bunch.


Blueberry said...

to star trek even! wow! ;)

we had similar hats for our thanksgiving program.

Mandaroo said...

what a sweet moment, i love the stuff they come up with!

Christina said...

eart melthingly sweet! those little headresses are too cute.