Thursday, October 30, 2008

Theme Thursday - We Create

I haven't had time to be creative with PhotoShop lately, but the other night I finally sat down and played with a couple of my favorite pictures from the last couple of couple weeks.

Harrison was very excited to find a worm in the back yard, he played with the little thing until, well, it's unfortunate demise. Even giving it gentle kisses (yes, kisses. What? Some people eat worms.) More to this story later...

There is nothing he loves more than a big empty room that he can run, spin and dance around in. He takes his dancing very seriously. (In fact, as I quickly type this he is dancing to the Chitty-Chitty Bang-bang soundtrack!)

I try to encourage creativeness at home as much as possible and Harrison brings many pictures home from preschool, most of which are self explanatory. The other day he brought home this with his artwork:

It was unmarked so I asked him as he sat eating a snack.
"Harrison what's this?"
He looks up at it.
"Oh. Yeah...That is paint."
Then sighs,
"On a plate."

Paint on a Plate, who would have guessed?

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Killlashandra said...

Your PS edits turned out nice. I live the texture overlay. :) And I'm sorry for the worm, however W.W. does the same thing. He finds something and then loves it to death. LOL

MGF said...

I like the first image a lot.

Than the post prior to this. LOL the feet sticking out.

Christina said...

Paint on a Plate- wow, he's a master! Save that one, mom!

LOVE the dancing photo!

Head Gaggler said...

Paint on a plate, what a masterpiece! Too funny. Love the first two shots also, great creativity.

Stacy said...

Wow, that is quite the piece of artwork...LOL! I love the textures that you did on the photos. Harrision is so cute...kissing a worm. What a kid!

Joanna said...

The subtleness of paint on a plate is hilarious. Love the shot with the quote on it. Its perfect.

Jaimee said...

LOL...Paint on a Plate...too funny!

Love that first one...with the exception of the worm...ICK!! I know, with two boys, I'd better get used to it, but I'm so not looking forward to bugs & rodents being a regular feature in my life!!!

Mandaroo said...

hehe, well of course it is. Great job with the editing. Love the textures you used.

carrie said...

Oh I love the dance photo! That is really cool...but the paint...on a plate is so funny! Mom, do I have to tell you everything??

Jen said...

I love how the texture turned out on the first shot.