Friday, October 17, 2008

Favorite Phrase Friday - Those Things He Says

Mmm, I made Eggplant Parmesan the other night and it has been a yummy leftover in the fridge to score for lunch! the night I served it for dinner Harrison says to me,

"You're a good eggplanter, Mama!"


We went shopping and picked up some mini Jack-o-Lantern pumpkins, as well as other delicious fall foods, when we arrived hiome Harrison dug the pumpkins out of the bag to show daddy.

"Daddy look!" he crys, "Baby Jacqueline pumpkins!"


And finally last weekend Harrison and I sat down to play a riveting round of Break the Ice. We set it all up and Harrison starts carefully tapping away on a corner cube.

I wait.

He rhythmically taps.

I wait...longer.

He taps patiently.

I began to squirm.

Wait, who's the child here?

He continues tapping.

I sigh.

He looks at me with a smile and says, "It's going to take a while, huh?"

I grimace - in a happy way.


Christina said...

Tap the Ice - I haven't played that in years! I'll have to add it to Nadia's bday wishlist...
*I* would like to have it. ;o)

Love it that you're a great eggplanter!

Blueberry said...

you're a good eggplanter! ha ha ha!


Stacy said...

So cute, and I know what you mean about some of those games. Apparently we need patience as parents, huh?? ;)