Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Theme Thursday - A July 4th Celebration

Last Friday was the 4th of July and although we were invited to a couple celebrations, we opted to stay home. In fact, I did laundry. I had to - it needed to be done. Maybe I should have gotten the bicycle out and taken a ride along the Strand (with the 1000 other people with the same idea.) but I didn't.

Rather, we had a nice impromptu gathering at my house around 4PM. Burgers, hot dogs, watermelon - what else do you need? How about a total of 5 three-year-olds thrown in the mix to keep it all lively!

After food and fun, we walked down to the pier and plopped on the green for the fireworks. It was wonderful and relaxing. We were close enough to really enjoy them and far enough that the kids didn't get startled from the noise.
I admit, I've become quite a home-body when it comes to celebrations like the 4th of July and New Year's Eve. I don't mind not having to drive after an all-day (or night) celebration. Although I pray for safety of all my friends that do drive home.

But before my friends leave, we watch the parade of people walking and driving up the street from the pier. It has been a blessing to live so close the last couple of years. After fireworks, you've got to finish an evening with a birthday cake for America!

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Stacy said...

That looks like it was a wonderful time! I bet it is really nice to not have to drive far to get to it, too. That evening sounds just lovely - nice and relaxing. That is pretty much what we did last year, too. We had an informal bbq with friends and took our brood to a location they could see the fireworks. Relaxing for both the parents and the kids. :)

Christina said...

Sounds like a very fun and lively day! Sometimes staying home is the best option. I'm envious of you being close to the pier!

Killlashandra said...

Wow, 5 three year olds, I bet everyone was on their toes. :) Sounds like you guys had a great celebration. I love your little thumbnail collage.

Brittany said...

Sounds so wonderful. I would love to just stay home, on holidays!

Great shots! :)

Maya said...

You guys celebrate in style! Love the last shot!