Friday, June 27, 2008

Fav Phrase Friday - He's a Sponge - With a Sense of Humor the Size of Springfield

It's not like a year ago when Harrison would pick up a word or phrase and use it for a week at a time until the better word came along. Now he just talks incessantly and if I don't jot something down it's gone in a flash!

But there are those classic moments that stand out.

Like last weekend.

It started in the car, Harrison, the G.I.D and I went to the Aquarium, on the way we stopped at a light and Harrison (in his best Lisa Simpson voice - I found out later) said,
"Are we here yet? Are we here yet?"
Surprised, the GID asked me, "Where did he learn that??" I shrugged.
He turned and responded to Harrison "Not yet, we have to get on the Freeway..."

Harrison interupted, (in his best Homer Simpson voice -and it's good)
"No, No, NO, NOO!"
Then it dawned on me... I told the GID that we had heard part of a commercial on the radio the week before. I didn't know what it was.

Shortly after that, as if the radio gods were listening in on our conversation, the commercial came on the radio again.

It's the Simpson's ride opening at Universal Studios Hollywood!

We burst into laughter - realizing how Harrison put it together. At three years old, he understood the joke of a short radio spot enough to try it out on his daddy.

And of course, once we laughed, he had to imitate the radio spot a few hundred more times with that cute little cheeky grin of his saying "Are we here yet, no,no, NOOO!"

Laughter is just the reception that 3-year-olds enjoy receiving.

We shouldn't be too surprised, after all several months ago [before he turned 3] we were all lying in bed one morning, getting over colds, when he sat up and said, "I'm sick. [pause] Nice to meet you."

Now that's a great way to start the day!

He's going to be an entertainer. [sigh]


Blueberry said...

ha! too funny!

Christina said...

He is simply TOO MUCH! What a funny & clever kid.

Rachel said...

Oh my gosh! That last one (I'm sick, nice to meet you") had me cracking up!

What a terrific little mind on your little guy.

Thanks for sharing those great moments!

MamaGeek said...

Oh yeah, that's a comic in the making alright. Hilarious! So young, so funny.

carrie said...

my girls (much to my chagrin!) love that Simpsons commercial. (their daddy LOVES the Simpsons) they will join Harrison in a round of "Are we there yets" soon!

Let us know when you guys hit the aquarium again (we are gone next week, but after that!) - we want to meet you IRL!!