Friday, May 30, 2008

Favortie Phrase Friday (aka - Random Facts or "How I Began to Disseminate Useless Information to my Parents")

Harrison Quotes:

"Snow make you cold and chilly and make you shake." - Followed by a very intense, full-body shudder.

Checking out the dog under the table, "Oh Duke, you have so many hair! Where did you get that hair come from? Dukie, poor dog."

When it's time to race: "On your Markets! Set! Go!"

Daddy put Harrison in a jammy that was too small the other night, Harrison's response, "My Skeleton is too big for this Daddy, I need to tell mommy that my bones are growing."

But his all time distraction lately is gender and family structure. Daily conversations include, "Mommy, you a woman and I am a boy, I'm a son. Big Brother is a boy. Daddy is a man. Daddy is a father. Big Brother is a son and Daddy is a son. Dukie is a boy. You are a girl, I am a boy. We are a family."

A couple of non-information based moments:

This week when I ask him what he is doing when he is out of eye shot, he responds, "Nothing, Mom!" Gah! [Hey you're not a teenager, yet buddy.]

Yesterday, we had a little friend come over for a play date [or maybe it was a mommy play date]. He's 8 months younger than Harrison and during their time together, Harrison got hurt. When he was all finished with crying, he got down, looked Parker in the face and gently said, "Hey, you didn't say sorry to me, you pulled on me and I hurt my head on the chair. You need to say sorry to me. You didn't say sorry."
Parker sweetly answered, "[sic, sic, sic] shawry [sic] [sic] shho oh, ah, oh [sic] yeah. [sic]" Harrison was happy with the answer. Apparently he understood everything.

Happy weekend!!


Blueberry said...

"on your markets"! that is great!

and i love love love "my skeleton is too big for this daddy"! too cute!!!

laura said...

You have the cutest little guy! Thanks for visiting Dolce Pics. Hope to see you there again!

Killlashandra said...

I like the sorry story. That so sounds like somethiing my little boy would do too. Although whenever any of my kids say nothing when I ask what they're doing it's time to worry. ;)

Christina said...

That kis is a riot! My skeleton is too big, ROFL! We're obsessed with family relationships here, too.

The Casual Perfectionist said...

Those are great!