Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What Gets Him So Tied Up?

Here is the little culprit that got Harrison's hands all tangled. I found it sitting here on the end table next to Mr Surf's Up penguin. But there is no sign of the car that belongs to this mini remote control charger port. (As displayed securely in his hand when he lifts his self-imposed cuffs up for the picture moment.) No matter, the remote no longer works anyway. It's only purpose now days is to get tiny hands all tied up. Maybe the penguin was in on the plan the whole time...

We've been sick this week, again! What is it with me and severe colds this year!! Augh! We went to meet a new pediatrician yesterday. He was very nice and checked us both out - no charge. I switched Harrison's insurance as well, so the change is effective as of today. Yeah!


Killlashandra said...

I would never have thought one of those little wrist holders could turn into handcuffs! I agree, maybe the penguin was involved. You know they're kind of devious little guys in Madagascar. ;)

Christina said...

LOL! That is too funny. Yep, I defintely think the penguin shares the blame here.
Sorry you guys are sick - again! I think I will switch peds too for Nadia's next visit. I'm just not thrilled with this one.