Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Here's Looking at You Kid - WW

The thing is, it's never wordless around here. Harrison is a talker. We constantly respond to him but sometimes he will just keep asking the same thing even after the answer. Maybe he likes to hear himself talk. So being the really sensitive, attentive parents that we are, we just tune out the unimportant for a while.

As was the case yesterday.

He was just TALKING something about a black road, needing a black road, "a road mommy, I need a black road. Mommy, a road, I need a road.Where's my road?Where's my black road?I need a black road. My track, mommy. Mommy I need my track, the orange track, the road, mommy.Daddy I need my road, have you seen my black road.Daddy do you want to play?Play Storm Troupers daddy! Can you open this?Please. Mommy, I need my rocketship, where's my green rocketship?I need help! Where's Dar Bader?I want to watch StarWhores. I need my show. Where's Big Brother?I want to play with Big Brother.I need my trash truck, where's my trash truck? What's this mommy? Mommy you want to play trash truck with me? Oh tankyou! Where's a black road, mommy? Daddy, you wanna play in Big Brother's room, I want to play in Big Brother's room. Daddy, have you seen a black road?I need a black road, mommy." ...And that was 5 minutes. We still don't know where he got the road idea.


He walks over to me and announces, "Mommy, I'm tired of talking."

Ya think?


Andi said...

That is SO funny! First the photos and then the story...just cracks me up! He obviously makes your life so much FUN!
By the way, I once traveled in a car late at night with MEB, my niece, when she was 3 and I was SHOCKED at the constant stream of talking that came from her. Like Harrison, she is rarely ever quiet, so I knew she would talk...but I thought since it was late while we were traveling she might fall asleep. No such luck. My ears literally hurt when we got to our destination. She went ON and ON about this pink monster and she told these elaborate stories about this pink monster...she would ask questions and never pause for anyone to answer....straight conversation for the ENTIRE drive to NC.
Well, I wonder if Harrison ever found his back road. :)

Jenileigh said...


Happy WW!

Bradley's Mom said...

What a riot!

He sounds like great fun.....and I can imagine you need a break from his chattering once in awhile! I remember those days........long ago when my children were little! Oh, for some peace and quiet!!


Elaine A. said...

There were times when my son was this age that he would do the same thing, ramble on and on about something non stop until finally he got tired of it himself. Sometimes he was even hoarse after!!

Great glasses! ; )

Christina said...

Haha, what a riot! The story and the pictures. Where did you get those awesome glasses??

Brittany said...

Oh my! HOW CUTE!

Head Gaggler said...

Oh he is too cute! My daughter is the blabber mouth, on and on and on.

MamaGeek said...

Oh I just love little Harrison. His smile is SOOO contagious. And those glasses just give me permasmirk!

I have a chatterbox on my end too - ALWAYS jaberring! :)

VERY cute shots.

carrie said...

I'm telling you - we need to get Harrison and Addison (Hmmm...maybe it is the -son names!) together and let them at it...they could go at it with each other for hours (and we can just sit back with a margarita and watch the entertainment!).

I LOVE the photos!