Friday, April 4, 2008

The Daddy Files - Who Do You Love?

Harrison has been insistent that The G.I.D. take him to bed every night for a couple months now. They have their own routine which includes talking about their day and other things. As they were talking one evening, the G.I.D. asked:

"Harrison, who do you love?"
"I love Mommy!"

"And who else?"
"Big Brother...

Mommy-grandpa & Daddy-grandpa!" [Harrison's names for grandma & grandpa]
Scrunching his brow, the G.I.D. asks

"Who else do you love?"

Now Harrison is snickering as he watches daddy's face get flustered.
Game on!
"Anyone else.....?"

"AN-NY-one else you love...???"
Harrison looks intently at The G.I.D. with a gream in his eye and says:

"I Love Daddy!!"


Kim said...

Hehe. What a sense of humor on the little guy! :-)

Very cute picture of them together.

natalie said...

I love this entry! M is SO right here right now...playing those funny little "jokes" and knowing she is funny. We just have to laugh at her. Sometimes we get caught up in the game before we realize it--that's when we become aware of how much she's grown and changed over the past few months!

Andi said...

Sweet photo and even sweeter to save daddy for last! It is so funny that they get the sense of humor so young...playing hard to get, sneaky little guy!

Christina said...

Oh my goodness, I cannot even tell you how much I love that picture. Beyond precious. The story is pretty darn sweet too. He is getting so clever and funny!

Maggie said...

Christina took the words right out of my mouth - I LOVE that picture!

Stacy said...

Such a sweet picture! Those little ones really know how to push buttons, too, don't they?? ;)