Monday, March 3, 2008


Yup, this is Harrison's birth announcement that went out to the world. (well, 100 of our closest friends and family...) I had to utilize those not-so-great with REALLY bad lighting photos somehow. It was a folded letter-sized sheet with Harrison on the front and the text inside the card.

Here is part of what I sent out in an email a few days after Harrison was born:
I started having contractions on Thursday morning, March 3, 2005. I wasn't sure if they were the real thing, but at the same time I thought I better finish packing that bag for the hospital, (The one that has been half packed for several weeks…) so I got up at 6 a.m. and finished packing. I just want to state that I hardly used anything I packed in the long run. Then I thought I better shower incase this IS the real deal!
I called the doctor’s office in the morning and they told me to go to to the hospital – that they wouldn’t see me at this point; and that the hospital will probably send my home. I asked if I could call back later rather then go to the hospital.
The day went on and I tracked my contractions – All. Day. Long. At 4:30 they seemed closer together so I called the doctor’s office again and talked to them. It seemed like I needed to go to the hospital, I asked if I could wait until 6:00, sure. Finally at 6 p.m., when Big Brother had been picked up, we went to the hospital at the suggestion of my doctor's office. We seriously thought we would probably be sent home but we took the suitcase anyway. (and forgot the camera!) Just when the hubby went down to move the car the nurse said to me, "Oh, you're staying, you're not going anywhere, you're 5 centimeters dilated! You're in active labor." I burst into tears. Wow, I had just moved into the second stage of labor and not even realized it.

Game on!

We were moved to a nice labor & delivery room (compete with DVD player) and spent the rest of the night there, my doctor came in and broke my water, we thought I would deliver around 3 a.m. but contractions slowed about that time. In the morning, at long last, I moved into the final stage of labor during a shift change. It all came about because I thought my epidural had run out and I was
feeling the pain! But I was informed that it doesn't work that way and that I've advanced in my labor. I could only imagine what I would be feeling if I didn't have an epidural! Anyway, before I knew it, it was time to push; and within what seemed like only half hour out popped Harrison! I have to say, it was amazingly easier then I has anticipated. Of course, I had that epidural. I know, I’m a wimp, no natural childbirth for me. Sorry. The GID found the whole experience amazing. Plus, he was happy to discover that I wasn't one of those women who break out in temporary Turret's Syndrome- using every name in the book- directed solely at him. On the contrary, I tend to laugh uncontrollably during some higher levels of pain and spout out really silly things that make no sense. He also had an opportunity to hold Harrison the first hour after he was born; so they truly bonded. We want to thank those who prayed for us through the pregnancy. It really made a difference; I know God was with us through the whole birth experience and will continue to give us strength in the future. We are so blessed and Harrison is so beautiful! Thank you!
That was three years ago, today. We are STILL blessed with this incredible, spirited, handsome, charismatic boy that God has entrusted into our care. He teaches & stretches us to be better parents - better people. He gives us a pure, unbiased view of the world again. He redefines the word "love" for me everyday. His energy is boundless. His laugh is addicting. His eyes are wise, courious, happy, fully expressive of the soul inside him. He is our gift from God.

Stop back later for a short pictorial review of the first 3 years!

Happy Birthday Harrison!


Brittany said...

Happy Birthday Harrison!!! :)

Blueberry and the Bean said...

happy birthday harrison!!!!!

i bet you can't believe he is 3. (bean will be 3 in july and that just doesn't seem at all possible to me!)

i love the pictures on the birth announcement- those are PRICELESS!!

Andi said...

I must confess that I CRIED with this post...your words, the photos, the sweet sentiment...Oh, the heartache of a baby growing up....brings me to tears at the very thought! His first year in pictures and those photos on the birth announcement are so wonderful! His sweet little face was amazingly expressive even back then! (He must have a CLOSET of great shirts...I love the one "chicks dig me". LOL!) I hope his birthday is filled with laughter and fun! I also hope that Mom and Dad are having an enjoyable time too...reflecting on the years that have flown by and looking forward to the joyous ones to come. You have been so blessed by God with such a great family. Cherish every moment! Happy birthday to you, Harrison!!!! :)

Lola said...

What a beautiful post! Happy birthday to Harrison and thanks for the reminder of God's goodness.

Christina said...

I love to read birth stories! Such an incredible miracle, every time. happy 3 years, Mommy and Harrison!

Stacy said...

What a great pictoral journey for your birthday boy. So wonderful to watch him grow! Happy birthday Harrison!