Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Time with Daddy

I have had a few deadlines that have kept me busy over the last week, and when that happens sometimes the GID is able to step in for a while - or the day - or how about a week, honey, while I go on a short vacation, no?

Today was (exhaustively) no exception.

Harrison headed out for a walk down to the pier with daddy, they played in the park, saw an octopus in the water (alive and FREE!), ate ice cream and shared an apple Snapple. Harrison also gave daddy a run (literally) for his money and chose to leave the listening ears at home as he ran away from daddy at the pier and in the park and all along the way. But they had fun. Well, at least one of them did, the other one came home and collapsed into the sofa as the first ran around the sofa yelling, "Let's do games, daddy, let's do games!"

On the way home Harrison did get tired of walking and asked to be carried.

The GID picked him up and said, "Your tired."

Harrison replied, "Yes, I'm tired. But I'm not napping today. No more naps ever again!"

There was no nap today.



Christina said...

So great they're getting lots of father-son time. But giving up the nap? Aye-yi-yi!

Brittany said...

Giving up of the nap... scarier than a nightmare, I do believe! Good luck!!

Blueberry and the Bean said...

oh yes, i know all about the "no nap!" i'm lucky to get bean to take 1-2 a week. on a positive note, she falls to sleep really quickly at bed time. :)