Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Thursday Theme - Cozy Coats on Winter Days

Cozy is - is being in a big ole coat and hat in 20 degree weather!

Or in your mommy's arms.

"Aah! I can't put my arms down!"

Um, mama, I NOT feeling the COZY, here!

Just another Cold winter in South Dakota! Oh how I love to visit!
See who else is feeling cozy over at Picture This.


Brittany said...

The hat is just the BEST! SO CUTE!

Arizaphale said...

I love that last one! They are so funny in their snow suits aren't they? Although I remember her screaming blue murder when you tried to put it on.

Sara said...

thats so funny! i love it, i did that to my babies even though i think id hate being in something so puffy i was immobile lol

Blueberry and the Bean said...

lovin' the hat! :) i just love babies in hats and snowsuits!

Dawn said...

so so so adorable. i'm not sure how i'd fare in an annual south dakota winter, but i love cold weather. it's just not chilly enough here in AL.

Christina said...

that's one cuddly and cozy looking Harrison! He has the best hats.

Mandy said...

He sure does look cozy. And, boy it sure does get cold there!!!

The Egel Nest said...

You have received the Egel Nest Award for blog eggsellence!

Come by and pick it up!


The Egel Nest

Bradley's Mom said...

Adorable pictures.........adorable baby!!!

Congrats on your Egel Nest award!!!