Thursday, November 15, 2007

Theme Thursday - Halloween 2007

I posted a Halloween series...but late then never. Maybe.

This is my child.

This is my child on candy.

Sugar kicking in...

This is my child eating MORE candy!

This is how he views the world during his first sugar rush.

This is my child crashing.

Okay, so you want to know what REALLY happened on our Halloween? Harrison got up from his nap and announced, complete with a ghostly sound, that he wanted to be a ghost (you know that kind with the sheet over their head.) Later, after a good meal in his tummy and time to fully wake up, I asked him again; after all, we had a nice little Rooster outfit AND his Fireman outfit.


Then half way through the process of an impromptu ghost outfit he decided he was done with the entire idea. Well, off we went down to the pier for trick-or-treating and other activities - the GID, Big Brother, me and Harrison dressed in white pants, white shirt and looking like an Orderly from a Psych Hospital!

We ate dinner, trick-or-treated and then Harrison got his first taste of a Tootsie Roll pop. Talk about eye-opening - if that didn't make him giddy enough, I don't know what would! To finish off his evening, Harrison got right down to business doing the funky chicken on the dance floor; yes, he even did some Break Dancing and no, I don't know where he learned those fine moves!

After 45 minutes of burning up the dance floor with his new pint-sized friends, we all headed home. It was a good evening.

Who needs a costume anyway?

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Brittany said...

What cute shots!!! Love how they have to be in charge and tell you what they want to wear or not wear. Kids are so cute!

Christina said...

ROFL! That series of pictures and the story behind it is hilarious! N loves her costume but said she didn't want to wear it Halloween. Thankfully we were able to convince her otheriwse!

I know you can hear me... said...

Those are great shots! But I have to agree, the story behind them made them even funnier!

chaoticfamily said...

Very cute - you can see the story unfold in all the pictures. :)

Colleen said...

Love the photo series!!! And the captions are hysterical.

Never That Easy said...

Ha! Too, too funny. I especially like that one of him crashing... I know just how he feels.

Mandaroo said...

Would love to see video of him doing the funky chicken, sounds like such fun. Great story board, love the fuzzy sugar rush!

natalie said...

Our experience was so similar, but M couldn't get herself OUT of her costume, so it did stay on. You couldn't really tell what she was because she refused to wear the hat part. But she still looked pretty adorable in her two-tone pink costume that was supposed to be a flamingo!