Friday, November 2, 2007

Fav Phrase Friday - How 'bout a boodie Mama?

Boodie? What the HECK is Boodie?

"Pease mommy, pease boodie?"

A couple moments of pondering that word slip by.

"Boodie? Boodie. Show Mommy boodie."

That's what ya gotta do. Ask them to show you. So he walks me to the kitchen and points at the blender and says, "Pease mommy, make boodie?"

"SMOOTHIE! You want a Smoothie!"

"Yaas, pease"

Alas, I understand "boodie"!!
But wait.
Did you say, NOW??

Now, that's a new one!!


natalie said...

M just discovered NOW, too! It's her favorite thing to add to the end of most sentences. It doesn't matter if it's a request or not. "M go to zoo now" means M went to the zoo two weeks ago. "Oh, hurt now!" means M has a scratch on her knee that is atleast 3-4 days old.

I'm sorry that you had to attend a memorial service--celebrating the end of a life is one of the most difficult ceremonies for me to attend. I'm praying for you.

Christina said...

LOL! He wanted a smoothie, how funny! Their pronunciations are a riot. I do that all the time, ask her to show me what she's talking about. N hasn't yet discovered teh term "now"...I'm sure that'll be fun!