Friday, October 19, 2007

Fav Phrase Friday! -- "IT'S ME!"

"Hey People, It's Me!!"

This actually started out of the blue a couple of weeks ago. We were at the "Mouse House" and went to the Baby station for a diaper change. The Baby station is much better than any of the restrooms, even if the Happiest Place on Earth has cleaner than average restrooms... plus, it's a GREAT place to go nurse in quiet AIR CONDITIONING on a HOT day. But I digress.

I open the door to the Baby station, and after visiting here on numerous occasions over the last couple of years, Harrison runs in announcing to the attendant, "It's Me! Hi! It's Me! I'm here!" And that's where it all started.

The next day we went to his preschool and he ran into his classroom, yelling, "Hi people! It's Me!"

Now days he's pretty consistent in announcing his arrival where ever we go and to whom ever will listen - arriving at swim classes, my office, the park for play-dates, a friend's house, the post office, or a store that we frequently visit. You name it, he enters each establishment announcing, "It's Me!"

He also uses it while talking to "Grandpa" & "Judi" two people he chats with pretty regularly on his toy phone or the shower head in the bathtub. "Hi, It's me, Haridon. How are you?....uh-huh......uh-huh......Okay. Bye!"

Oh, yeah, I had to go and give him a BIG name! He is also announcing himself by name.
"I Haridon"

It's Me! Haridon!!"

Leave it to a mother.


natalie said...

Oh, yeah!! How fun. This Friday, I'll leave a comment with a post to my blog and all our mutual blogosphere friends can read our Phrase Friday contributions!

I can't wait to hear more funny "Haridon" stories!

Christina said...

that is just too cute! "hey, it's me!" Doncha just love how kids are so egocentric? Nadia calls herself Nana.