Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's James!! Toot! Toot!

Yes James came home this week. 10 weeks, 4 days and, well, I didn't count the hours, later he arrived at our door in a little nondescript manila envelope while Harrison napped. I was overwhelmed with excitement, this was it, I wouldn't have to hear the question "Mommy, Where, James?" ever again! I must have been delusional that day...

So when Harrison woke up I rushed upstairs, scooped him from his restful wonderland and whisked his downstairs telling him how he got a package in the mail. Before he knew it, the GID, big brother and I were hovering over him as I thrust the envelope in his face (some of us were more excited for ourselves- I think) he opened the package and pulled out a tissue-wrapped James and whispered in a still-sleepy voice, "YEAH!" For the last week he has carried it around with him, sleeping with it, eating with it and even taking it in the car for a ride - when we weren't looking. And yes, asking, "Where James?" A question that has now taken us to new heights in tearing through the house looking for the little red friend.

"Mommy, where, James?"

Gosh, hmm, I don't know Harry, did you check outside on the porch where you left it for mommy to trip on and almost break a leg doing laundry?

I didn't think so.


What Mommy.

I love you.

I nummu, mommy.

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Michelle said...

conversations between the two of of the most precious things to have written down. You can always look back and capture them. I wish I had done that- but I can start now!!! My kids haven't graduated from H.S. yet, and OH, the things they say!!!!!