Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hope you talked like a Pirate today!

I love to just stop and observe Harrison as he plays; he’s just so fun. Like a few months ago when he plopped himself in a laundry basket with his telescope yelling, “Arrrr! Pirate!”

Well tonight the toy telescope had come back in play-circulation and Harrison was opening and closing it quickly, enjoying the sound it made. He thoughtfully looked at me, silently basking in his ability to make this sound and finally asked his favorite question:

“What’s that noise, mommy?”

You tell mommy, you’re making the noise.

He looks up at the ceiling, thoughtfully,
“I’m making noise in 'um house!”

Yes you are.

“What’s that noise?”

The telescope opening and closing.

He stops, puts it to his eye and exclaims, “ARRR! PIRATE!”

That’s my boy.

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SusieJ said...

What a cute little Pirate.