Friday, August 17, 2007

We're Not Morning People...

Harrison promptly got sick this week after spending only 3 days in camp while mom worked in the office.

He would tell you that it was the best 3 days he has had in his wee little life thus far – if he could. Three days of playing on the playground, meeting new friends and playing in water – no bars hold! No transitions for him, once I signed him in and put his stuff in his cubby, he would just run down the hall toward the playground waving his hand back at me yelling, “Bye mommy! See you mommy!”

Much to his displeasure, he had to stay home the 4th day, but colds are colds and I don’t want to be blamed for spreading them.

So this morning, after a 3 hour nap yesterday and going to bed fairly early (albeit, he stayed awake in bed and sang for an hour – his newest thing) he woke and & called out, “MAW-MEE!” as he normally does every morning. Only, after that he started yelling “WAKE-UP TIME! WAKE-UP TIME!”

So what's the problem? His parents just weren’t ready to wake up at 6:00 AM!
We’re so not morning people.

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